Have geek, will travel. Carson Block Consulting Inc. provides technology consulting services designed to bring technology vision and technology power to your library, including technology assessments and planning, recruitment, library master planning and construction, inspirational speaking, teaching and more…

Technology Visioning
Powerful use of technology in libraries starts with strong vision.   It’s a point of origin that guides wise decisions and makes the best use of limited resources.   Carson Block Consulting Inc can guide your library  (including  Trustees,  management, staff and patrons) through a fun and effective  process that will determine the most powerful actions to serve  patrons.


Technology Assessments & IT Staff Assessments
Are your current technology efforts the best that they can be?  How effective are your current technology resources — both the people that make it all work, and all those geeky things in the technological chain?  Carson Block Consulting Inc provides an expert look from the outside designed to bridge the gap between institutional frustration and satisfaction.
Project Jumpstarts
Sometimes you just a little help getting started. Project Jumpstarts offer a condensed planning process targeted at a single project — including vision, impacts, tasks, timeline and budget. Available in economical one, two or three-day consulting packages from Carson Block Consulting Inc.
Technology Planning
Cliches like “those who fail to plan, plan to fail” are used so often for a simple reason:  they contain truth.   Carson Block Consulting Inc specializes in technology plans that are living documents designed to guide powerful transformations of library services with the perfect balance of vision, “gee whiz” and sustainability.
Library Construction: Master Planning, Program Planning and Project Management
Carson is a key team member in new library construction projects from coast-to-coast, bringing the public service and technological perspectives to the teams he serves with. Carson believes in strong teamwork, doing things right the first time, and focusing on community and staff needs — as well as visionary technology approaches — as  an integral components of new library designs.


Public Speaking, Workshops and Webinars
Carson is an outspoken advocate of libraries, and is a frequent speaker — from presentations to library staff and trustees to regional and national conferences.  Each presentation is customized to your needs, designed to deliver the impacts you want to see. For and idea of past topics, please visit the Resources and Media pages.


Other services include:
  • Library IT staff recruitment and hiring
  • Coaching (Library Directors and IT Staff)
  • Training on technology topics
  • Others (please inquire here)
Looking for references?
References relevant to your needs are provided upon request — in the meantime you can see what current and past clients think of Carson by visiting the Testimonials page!