Handout-MLA&DLAPlanning-CarsonBlock2017 copy from the session “Technology Plans and Strategic Plans: Make Rough Waters Clear Sailing” at the May 2017 Maryland Library Association & Delaware Library Association joint conference.


Storify Collection of participant posts from the the session “Everything is Awesome: Re-imagining Library UX (Public Library Association 2016 Conference).


Promo Reel for You Can Do IT (Texas State Library and Archives Commission):


Handouts for TxLA (Texas Library Association) Conference 2015

TxLA_MobileWorksheet  (Session: Welcoming Mobile Devices)

TxLA_RetrofittingWorksheet1 (Session: Retrofitting Libraries)


Make Your Own Makerspace (webinar for Demco on 4/24/2014)

Program Description:  In this Demco sponsored webcast, Library Technology Consultant, Carson Block, from Carson Block Consulting Inc. joins Demco’s Director of Library Markets, Janet Nelson to discuss what makerspaces are all about. As the maker movement has become more popular, the term “makerspace” has become a buzzword in libraries, but not everyone understands what they are. Are they high tech, low tech or no tech? Do they need a lot of room? Are they noisy and messy? And what role do partners play? This fun webinar will introduce you to the makerspace movement and provide tips on how you can create a makerspace in your own library — even if you’re tight on space!

During this webinar, participants will:

    • Learn what makerspaces are
    • Develop an understanding around the different types of makerspaces
    • Learn about the spaces needed for a makerspace
    • Understand the role of partners
    • Gain inspiration for creating your own makerspace


Webinar Link 



South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive – March 2012

The Great Library Swindle – web version

Program Description:  Libraries, oft loved and honored are under attack from the most unlikely of sources. Book publishers, municipal governments and others seem hell-bent on library destruction, while many wonder if libraries are even relevant at all in the digital age. But – if the library disappears, who will really defend your right to confidentially access free information? Business? The megaminds of the Interwebs? Think again, compadre. Libraries – and librarians – care about your rights. Come to learn what the library offers you, what’s really at risk, and how the library is more relevant today than ever.


PLA Webinar:  Public Librarian’s Guide to E-Books – Nov 2011

Public Librarian’s Guide to E-Books – Strategies for Sustaining Your E-Book Program (program 4)

Webinar participants, please click the link above to download an Adobe Acrobat version of the program slides!

Program Description:  The final webinar in the series, “Strategies for Sustaining Your Library’s E-Book Program,” will explore strategic consideration in adding e-books, as well as project management fundamentals (shared in a down-to-earth fashion) to ensure a good start as well as a sustainable effort. Learn how to determine the total costs of an e-book or circulating e-reader program, including startup and ongoing costs; understand the risks; measure effectiveness; and more.


California Library Association Conference – Nov 2011

eBooks, eServices, and eBranches


Several libraries currently offer e-lending through their websites, which act as virtual branches. With the growing demand for eBooks and other downloadable media, libraries have an opportunity to bring elending into the library. A generous grant from the State Library, along with Friends of the Library funding, has provided the
Sacramento Public Library with an opportunity to experiment with lending loaded eReaders to the public. Partnering with Barnes & Noble for devices, content and training, this is the type of collaborative community project that is a win-win for all. Join us as we talk about the future of eEverything in libraries.
Stacey Aldrich, California State Library
Megan Wong, Sacramento Public Library
Manya Shorr, Sacramento Public Library
Mark Schatz, Field Paoli Architects
Rivkah Sass, Sacramento Public Library
Carson Block, Library Technology Consultant


Colorado Association of Libraries Conference – Oct 2011

Trustees & Friends Session
The New Advocacy: How to Use Social Media to Mobilize Your Community

Presented by: Aspen Walker & Carson Block Take a tour into the sometimes foreign country of Facebook, Twitter, phone apps and modern social media. Our libraries shouldn’t wait for a crisis to mobilize support and strengthen networks. We’ll show you how to speak to our next generation of library supporters in their language– apps, tweets, etc.

Got Mobile


Public and Academic Library Partnerships: Strange Bedfellows or Peas in a Pod?

Presented by: Carson Block & Nancy Chaffin-Hunter Public and Academic Libraries are often different – but what to do when facing a common challenge? The rise of E-Books brought CSU and Poudre Libraries together for a common cause, resulting in a strong, enduring bond. Come hear what makes a partnership work – and stick!



Fail Panel: Library Technology Gone Wrong

Presented by: Nina McHale, Carson Block, Paul Betty, Monique Sendze & Aspen Walker What happens when library technology projects go wrong? Join our panelists— librarians from different types of libraries and areas of library work—as they share their tales of fail! Hear about failed projects, the ramifications of the failures, and how a phoenix was coaxed from the ashes. Group hugs provided.

CALCON Fail Panel


Teaser: CPLA Technology Management course
Tami Sutcliffe of the LE@D program at the University of North Texas put together a teaser of the online course on technology management that I’m teaching – the next course is scheduled to begin in early September!

Video report: 2011 Colorado State Library Technology Standards
Carson teamed with Jim Duncan, Director of Networking & Resource Sharing and Carolyn Coulter, IT Officer for the Pikes Peak Library District) to write the 2011 Colorado State Library Technology Standards. A video report of the technology standards is here:

Full Colorado State Standards report:

Poudre River Public Library District 2010 Annual Report
Carson was featured among other staff, trustees and volunteers to contribute the library’s annual report on video:

Webinar: “Laptop Circulation and Security: keep it and keep it clean” (Carson as panelist with Kieran Hixon, Colorado State Library; Shannon O’Grady, Colorado Library Consortium; Jon Walker, Director of the Pueblo City-County Library District; and Carolyn Coulter, Pikes Peak Library District.

Colorado State Library Technology Standards
Carson has helped write the Colorado State Library Technology Standards for more than a decade.  The latest version (2011) of the report is here:


eBook and eReader Study
In late 2010/early 2011, Carson co-chaired (with Nancy Chaffin Hunter of Colorado State University) a joint CSU-Poudre Libraries committee to explore eBooks and eReaders and make recommendations for action: