What I Believe

I believe libraries are unique: they serve the public good by connecting all people to information that educates, enriches and entertains — and at no direct cost to the patron.

Libraries are also a place where people are free to learn, to gather, and to share.

In the information age, libraries are the only institutions that have the interest, culture and expertise to serve citizens by delivering expert and impartial access to information.  Taxpayers across the nation agree: libraries are worth it.

For these reasons, I believe libraries are vital to a healthy society.

Carson Block Consulting Inc. is a values-driven company with an understanding that technology is increasingly crucial to fulfilling the public good role of the library.  Technology is also integral in delivering library services – both physically and virtually.

Technology can also be a risk for libraries — in terms of the costs and the  stakes.

Unlike the business world where large investments in technology are designed to result in cash profits, library (and other public entities’) gains from technological investments are often realized through other measures – including better customer service (including patron delight), increased efficiencies, and other areas serving the greater mission of the library.  While technology tends to be sold at market prices, it’s imperative that any investment clearly returns such meaningful benefits to the library.

For libraries to make the best choices, they must have a clear view of the technological possibilities that make the best sense for their missions — and for the patrons they serve.

Carson Block Consulting Inc. is dedicated to assisting you in that process in a variety of areas — bringing technology vision and technology power to your library.