TEDx video is up!

It was such an excellent time presenting at TEDx FoCo in September – I had the opportunity to speak to a non-library audience about some of the challenges libraries are facing today.  It’s a TED-style version of the talk I did at SXSWi (called “The Great Library Swindle:  Your Rights Are at Risk”) earlier this year, and a little more relaxed than the Ignite talk I did on the same subject.

The day was full of excellent presentations – go to the TEDx FoCo site to see them all!

Three talks, three cities, three days

I just wrapped up a mini-tour — speaking in three cities in Colorado in three days.  Yowsa!

It was great to spend time with the Marmot User’s Group annual meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado on 9/20 — what a great group!  I gave the Thursday keynote – “The Great Library Swindle: Your Rights Are At Risk”

The CoPLA  eMedia Smackdown (simultaneous live event at five locations in Colorado, hooked together by technology but with a focus on the in-person event via excellent facilitators) on 9/21 was off the hook!  I was live in Durango, Colorado (as speaker/facitator/host/tech :0), and the level of engagement from the participants was outstanding!  We are planning to make all of the content from the day available soon, but in the meantime  you can see my kick-off for the day here, followed by a presentation from the leader of the Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association:  http://www.spreecast.com/events/emedia-smackdown-morning-session-1.html

Finally, on 9/22 I was honored to be among some most excellent speakers at TEDx FoCo in Fort Collins, Colorado – presenting the “Swindle” talk to advocate for libraries.  Video from all of the TEDx FoCo talks should be available by November!



Summertime, summertime…

Well, I’m not the most active blogger on the planet. An update once a quarter is enough, right? :o) Lots of cool things are on the schedule for the rest of the year, including a July keynote address for the WiLS World Conference in Wisconsin! I’ve also been invited to join the audience and participation workstream for the Digital Public Library of America — honored and thrilled!

Speaking is always a blast, but I love working directly with clients even more! Library Facility Master Planning (tech) has been so much fun, and working with other libraries on technology reviews and improvement plans has been just as great. When doing the tech reviews/audits, the IT pieces are often the simplest, and what really needs the most attention are the people who make it all happen, and the communication structures that connect everyone. There’s also been lots of action on the eBook and eMaterials front — it’s on everyone’s minds and libraries are beginning to take action!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — I love my work!

Other talks include TEDx FoCo (yowsa!), the Marmot User’s Group meeting (another yowsa!), Internet Librarian (Yowsa yowsa!), The New York Library Association (yowsa yowsa yowsa!), and more!

I have a mid-year’s resolution is to blog more frequently. Wish me luck!