ALA Candidate Interviews!

**Update 5/8: Congrats to Dr. Julie Todaro! **


Original Post:

We see the names (and some are our friends) but we don’t always have the chance to chat about the issues — including technology in libraries and thoughts about leadership.  In late 2014 I talked with the four American Library Association presidential candidates for the 2016-2017 term.  The conversations were compelling and help each candidate differentiate themselves from each other.

The process was simple – each candidate was asked the same set of questions, and questions were provided in advance of the interview.  The interviews were not released (even to the candidate) until all had been completed.  Here they are, in the order they were completed between late November and Mid-December 2014:

JP Porcaro

Joseph Janes

Jamie LaRue

Dr. Julie Todaro

Who should lead ALA?  I hope the interviews give you a head start in making your choice.

Update March 2015 – Steve Thomas is featuring interviews with all four candidates in his excellent podcast series here.  The more you know…! 

Voting begins in late March 2015 – ALA will send voting information to each member at that time via email.